We conceptualize, organize and execute to consistently exceed our clients' expectations.

Location Advancement

Logistics Coordination 

Liaison with Venue

Stage Management

Production Procurement:                     staging, sound, lights, video,         special effects, televised events

Hospitality:                             catering, decor, rentals




We provide a team of seasoned experts to professionally fulfill all artist and entourage requests. 

Talent Acquisition

Contract Negotiation and Fulfillment 

Artist and Entourage Advancement 

Dressing Room and Catering Management

Security and Ground Transportation 

Meet & Greet Coordination

VIP Guest Hospitality



We partner with top designers, ad agencies, publicists and marketing firms to deliver the best products.

Branding:                                   logos, messaging, ad creation

Marketing:                                         sales strategy, experiential and viral marketing, promotional events

Publicity:                                             media buys, press releases, television-radio-print pitches

Sponsorship:                               contract negotiation and activation